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Please Read - Important Information

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Please Read - Important Information

Post by Admin on Thu Oct 21, 2010 8:15 pm

Any UNISON member can register for a forum account for free, whereafter they can post on our discussion boards, pose questions to union representatives directly and much more.

The forum is completely anonymous and management do not have access to it. This means that it is an ideal environment for users to discuss and debate work issues in a friendly, safe and supportive environment without the fear of their views being criticised by the service, or of users being identified by management on account of what they might have said online.

Our trained union representatives access the forum daily.

If you have a general work issue which you need help with but don't want to ring your local union representative, or if they're not available, you can get an answer to your query within hours on the members' forum, as well as being able to discuss the matter with other members who may have had similar experiences.

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